Träskböle Trädgård Ab (“Träskböle Garden Ltd”) was founded in 1997 by horticulturist and now managing director, Stefan Nordmyr. The company is located in Träskböle, a village in the municipality of Närpes on the west coast of Finland. Its state-of-the-art, three-building greenhouse complex encompasses 15.000 m2 (161.000 sq ft) and is currently staffed by 18 full-time employees. Träskböle Trädgård specializes in growing tomatoes and cucumbers, and the year-long growing season results in an annual production of about 2.5 million kg (5.5 million lbs).
The company’s produce is sorted and packaged on the premises before being sold through an agricultural co-operative, Närpes Grönsaker. www.narpesgronsaker.fi

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